Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm moving and I'm changing my name!

Decided to finally make the move, on Etsy that is.  When I first registered with Etsy I did the normal newbie thing and created a user name not realizing that if I ever opened a shop I would be stuck with my user name being the Name/Address for my online shop.  Well, jcollins16 just didn't jive with me.  So, after some quiet time in the shop, meaning me being lazy and not posting in new items in a while, the old items have expired.  This gave me the opportunity to go ahead and re-open a new shop with the name I've been advertising, Designs by Jenai. 

I plan to share in my shop my creative interest in the world of nature photography.  Pictures that I capture in my everyday life that fill me with joy and that I think are beautiful or interesting.  Of course these are through the eyes and lens of a complete amateur just having fun and testing my limits in the world of photography.

Knitting as you know has become another love in my life.  No doubt I will be adding items made by my novice hands, but made with lots of happiness.  Hopefully no one will mind that some items may have been carried to the dojo, on travels by car/plane, and any other place that gives me the opportunity to spend some down time knitting.

The shop isn't ready for visitors just yet, but when it is, I will make an announcement and open with a prize give-away.  I am counting on everyone to help spread the word when the time comes.

Be on the look-out for the new!!

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