Thursday, February 19, 2009

Combination of Two Loves

This week I have been experimenting with the idea of combining my love of creating fun jewelry and my new love of crocheting.

I found several fun patterns for crochet jewelry and have made a few pairs of earrings and made an attempt at a ring. The pattern for the rings can be found in the free pattern section of Crochet Today magazine.

When it comes to crafts I am not very patient. Projects that are fairly quick and can be done in several hours or a few minutes excite me the most.

I've been working on an orange and blue, granny square, (he's a 6 year old, Gator fan) blanket for my nephew the past few weeks and I am struggling with the fact that I am beginning to get bored with it, yet I want to finish it. It didn't help that I ran out of both yarn colors and had a hard time finding them again in the local Walmarts. Happily, I did find them this week and now I must motivate myself to start on the blanket again and get it completed so that I can give it to him.

With spring quickly approaching I am on the hunt for fun, spring crochet ideas. Feel free to post a link or pass along to me any ideas you have that would be fun to do.

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