Friday, February 20, 2009

Let's Crochet or Knit for a Cause

In the most recently released Lion Brand Yarn Newsletter an article featured a wonderful project, Knit-a-Square to benefit orphaned children in Africa. The project is simple, knit or crochet a square, 8 x 8 inches and send to the group. There are a few more steps and requests listed in the article. They prefer the squares to be made with a wool yarn and to leave a tail of yarn 3-4 yards long to be used in fastening the squares. If you are interested in participating, I highly encourage you to read the article, get your hooks/needles and yarn out and make a colorful, child friendly square or more and send it off.

These children have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS and many live on the streets and suffer through freezing night temperatures. Unfortunately, there are towns filled with orphaned children who have to fend for themselves on a daily basis, looking to meet their basic needs, food, shelter, and clothing.

Many may ask, why Africa, why not the US? Well, in my opinion, even our worst off homeless person has more than these orphaned children in Africa. Americans are blessed with many resources, homeless shelters, programs that feed the poor and homeless, and many other resources that help adults and especially the children. Of course I'm not saying don't help those in your local communities, I'm just encouraging everyone to reach out and help others in far worse conditions as well. I feel I can ask this as I make an attempt to do both myself. I have had the opportunity to help those in my community and want to extend that help even farther.

Giving these children just a glimpse of hope and showing them that others do care about them, can make a huge diference in their lives.

I would love to hear from those of you who plan to participate and I challenge everyone to spread the word about the project and encourage those around you that crochet and/or knit to make at least one square.

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