Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blog Give-away Winners Announced

Wow, Blaire and I were so excited by the responses received during this give-away. It made it really hard when it came down to the decision making. Which caused a bit of delay in our announcement.

So, I won't hold back any longer - I know you've been waiting to here who the winners are.

(please stand by for a brief commercial message from our sponsors)

Nah, just kidding!

1st Place Winner - $25.00 @ Goodkarmasoaps
We chose Bella as first place because she had both a soap and marketing idea, congratulations!

2nd Place Winner - $15.00 @ Goodkarmasoaps
Wehav is second place with a great marketing idea of teaming up with other Etsy sellers.

3rd Place Winner - $10.00 @ Goodkarmasoaps
Third place is Oceanside with the sampler idea

Honorable Mention - $5.oo & FREE shipping @ Goodkarmasoaps
(couldn’t help it, there were just too many good ideas so I had to keep adding prizes) was Mignon

To claim your prizes, contact Blaire at good karma soaps by email customerservice@goodkarmasoaps and she will give you instructions on how to claim your prizes!

Thanks Blaire for sponsoring this fantastic give-away. Also, if you didn't notice she decided to increase the prize levels. She is always so sneaky like that. I should know. I just received a package from her with my exploding frog soaps that I ordered and ended up with a box of never ending soaps. Soap just kept coming out of my box. I couldn't believe by eyes. It reminded me of those clowns packed in the super small cars and they just keep coming out and coming out. Blaire has a huge heart for others and takes great care of her customers.

Ok, now on to the winners of my portion of the give-away. Thank you for following my blog, tweeting, and joining me on facebook! I've met several wonderful people and look forward to talking with you in the future.

Mignon - you have been chosen for my $10.00 gift certificate to be used in my shop. Congratulations!

Quilting Diva - I am happy to offer you the $5.00 gift certificate to be used in my shop.

Both of you can contact me for your instructions on how to redeem your prize, either by etsy convo or email: designsbyjenai at gmail.com.

Finally - for everyone else who participated, all of you are wonderful and had such great ideas and compliments I would like to offer you a choice of FREE shipping or 15% your next purchase in my shop. Just remind me when checking out or convo me and I will make sure I take care of you.

Before ending this post I would like to also offer you another way to save in my shop. I am going to start a referral plan in my shop. If you are interested in participating and would like more information, please leave me a comment here along with how I can reach you directly, so I can share the details with you.

Have a terrific Tuesday and remember to make someone smile today!


Mignon said...

Awwww, I'm honored. I love your shop! :) I cannot wait until cooler weather so have reason to wear my beautiful pink scarf I bought from you. It's lying on the computer right now since it is too hot to wear, so I can enjoy looking at it.

Designs by Jenai said...

Mignon - let's discuss this more. Maybe you want a hat to go with that scarf. I am sure I can come up with something to match at least the same yarn and color. :-D

Mignon said...

Oh, and yes to doing the referral plan. :) That's a great idea.

We'll talk. :)

Designs by Jenai said...

Sounds good!

Bella said...

Hi! I tried to email to claim (I'm Bella!)but Google said it doesn't recognize the email address. What should I do?


Bella said...

P.S. You can reach me at either of my email addresses rachel.n.stephens(at)gmail.com or thelittlebudget(at)gmail.com