Thursday, June 11, 2009

Still Feeling Dirty and Really Need Some Soap? 2nd Place Prize Announcement

Just received word from Blaire of Goodkarmasoaps and you won't believe what she told me. She was so excited by the responses and creative ideas that she was worried about our ability to pick only 1 winner. She has decided to offer the 2nd place winner a $10 gift certificate to be redeemed in her shop and not only that - there is a possibility of a 3rd place prize of $5.

That is a total of $35 in Goodkarmasoaps gift certificates.

Hold on - I can't let Blaire be the only one having fun giving stuff away! I am going to also give a second person who has signed up to follow my blog, etc at $5 gift certificate to be used in my shop.

So let's recap - our total in prizes has now become a combined $50. This is just too much fun.

Spread the word and keep those amazing ideas coming in!

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